As we conclude our study of weather, first grade students are investigating clouds.  We have learned that clouds form when warm air and cold air meet. 

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Community Service Project

The kindergarten class is taking the lead for our next community service project. They are filled with excitement, generosity and compassion with the idea of

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Conference Schedule

Student-led conferences will be held next Friday, March 2nd.  Please email me at to schedule a time.  If you are unable to meet on

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Please join us for our end of trimester celebration next Wednesday, February 29th at 3:00. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.

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First graders are now studying their final tribe, the Inuit of the arctic.  We have learned that while some people call these Native Americans “Eskimos,”

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Yesterday was the perfect day to read Snowflake Bentley, a children’s book about scientist Wilson Bentley and his snow photographs.  After reading the book, students

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Culture Night for Kids

Are you going to The Summit’s Trivia Night? Do you need babysitting for your kids? If so, please consider signing up for Culture Night for Kids,

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The Tlingit of the Norhtwest Coast lived near forests, rivers, and the Pacific Ocean.  They traveled in canoes and wore animal skin clothing.  For special

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