Tommie dePaola’s Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato introduced students to Irish folklore as we explore Irish culture. In the story Jamie shared his large

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First graders are learning all about insects. Using favorite children’s literature, we have explored fiction and nonfiction literature. Eric Carle’s The Very Quiet Cricket and

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The Grouchy Ladybug

Reading aloud The Grouchy Ladybug connected our study of insects to our study of time.  As we read the book, students matched their individual clocks to

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Wonders of Wildlife

First graders loved the visit from Wonders of Wildlife today as we learned about the food chain.  Working in teams students built various examples of

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Animal Skeletons

This week students read Animal Skeletons. Through the book, students learned about the types and functions of bones in humans as well as other animals.

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Smoothies for Middle School

The Summit eighth graders are raising money for their middle school graduation trip to Florida.  Not only are they providing an educational and fun Eagle’s

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Mammal Tracks

 Last week, using plastic molds borrowed from the Conservation Department, students attempted to identify various mammal tracks. Each child also created a plaster cast of a

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Ou words

This week’s spelling and word work focuses on words with the /ou/ sound.  Students brainstormed a list of words and then selected their personal spelling

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After learning all about mammals, first graders are now learning about amphibians.  We have discovered that amphibians are cold blooded vertebrates with a bare body

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