First graders have learned all about the last classification, birds.  We have discovered that birds have feathers, a backbone, and lungs.  They are warm blooded

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First graders were introduced to ocean habitats as they learned about the many different animals living in this habitat.  Through BrainPop Jr., students discovered the

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Allen Say

As we learn about Japan, first graders are studying the writing craft from Japanese author and illustrator Allen Say.  Born and raised in Japan, Say

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The fourth classification first graders are learning about is reptiles.  Reptiles, usually have a backbone, have scaly skin, are cold-blooded, hatch from eggs, have lungs,

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Students have discovered many features of the desert habitat, and while some are hot and sandy, many are not.  Deserts are all dry as they

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Ancient Egypt

Studying ancient Egypt, first graders have completed many activities.  After viewing a BrainPop Jr. video, students worked in pairs to read about ancient Egyptians.  They

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Capitalization Organization Punctuation Spelling First graders are trying out a new strategy to help them edit others and their own writing.  Starting today with the

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