Johnny Appleseed

This week’s activities have centered around American tall tale character Johnny Appleseed and his famous cross-country journey planting apple trees for early pioneers to enjoy.

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Editing Marks

Here are just a few of the editing marks we will be using in first grade.  You may have seen these marks in the daily

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What are polygons?  First graders know they are 2-dimensional figures.  They have at least three sides, straight lines, and form a closed shape.  Using shape

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R Blends

This week in spelling, students are working on r blends.  A blends consists of two consonants grouped together in which each letter keeps its own

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Computation Strategies

First graders are building their numbers sense and working on computation skills as they learn about addition and subtraction strategies.  Thus far we have learned

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Snack Shop

Every Wednesday, first graders will have the opportunity to visit the fourth/fifth grade snack shop.  All of the profits will go towards the JDRF Walk  (Junior

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Earth’s Layers

First graders have learned that our planet, a home to living things, is a very special place.  But what would the Earth look if we

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First graders have begun weekly spelling lists.  After a short mini-lesson introducing the new spelling rule, students brainstormed a corresponding list of words and then

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The Earth

Moving on from the sun, frist graders are learning about the Earth.  Once again, as we read in small groups, new science vocabulary words were

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