First graders enjoyed Halloween themed centers today starting with a BrainPOP Jr. video.  We learned about the origins of Halloween, how it was first celebrated

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Digraph ch

This week we are learning about consonant digraph ch.  A digraph, unlike a blend, is two successive letters that make one new phonetic sound.  For

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Moon Party

First graders were over the moon for Friday’s moon party! Activities included sharing and writing moon stories, creating moon art, writing moon jokes, playing pin

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3-D Shapes

How many edges, faces, and vertices does a cube have?  How about a rectangular prism, a triangular prism, or a square pyramid?  First graders found

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Google Docs

With the help of our second grade friends, first graders are up and running on Google Docs.  Using a summit email address and password, first

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Dance Mat Typing

First graders are practicing typing skills on Dance Mat Typing, beginning with level one and the home row keys.  Students may progress at their own

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S Clusters

Expanding our understanding of blends, this week’s phonetic activities and spelling list use clusters, or three letter blends.  Students generated and selected words with the

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