All students are invited to create a t-shirt design for this year’s Summit team for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk. Entries should be done on an 8

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This week, first graders began using the reading strategy of summarizing to understand a text.  We discussed how a summary is one way to remember

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100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School was filled with centers all about 100.  Check out some the activities first graders participated in today at school. Numeral

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-mp, -lp, -sp

Our spelling patterns this week include final blends -mp, -lp, and -sp.  Please help your child be prepared to take the partner spelling assessment on

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How Much More?

Today, first graders learned to play the game How Much More?.  In the game, students find the difference between two given numbers.  Manipulatives such as

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Thomas Edison

Thomas Alva Edison is the next famous inventor first graders have been learning about.  We have shared numerous read aloud books, discussed his accomplishments, and

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-nk, -lk, -sk

This week’s ending blends are -nk, -lk, and -sk.  For spelling, students selected at least 3 words with each ending.  We will work heavily on

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Mad Scientist Party

Looks like we may have several future scientists among us!  A big thank you to the first grade families who purchased the Mad Scientist Party

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