Vowel Teams

This week in spelling and word work, we are beginning vowel digraphs or vowel teams. Vowel teams will be introduced in the order of their

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Helen Keller

What an exciting day we’ve had in first grade!  Working with second grade, we spent the day learning all about Helen Keller.  Focusing on reading

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JDRF and Santa Fe Grill

The Summit Shot Busters has already raised an impressive amount ($2001.15) for the JDRF Walk, and we hope to see that amount continue to grow.

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Human Body

Our third trimester science focus will be the human body, specifically body systems.  This week, we are reviewing key concepts covered in Kindergarten before moving

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We know that c and k can make the /k/ sound when they are separate and when they are together.  This week’s spelling pattern will

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LAD Results 2013

Congratulations to each of our first graders for a successful showing at LAD Fair this year.  A list of full results can be found at http://ladfair.com/.

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Peanut Lab

As a follow up to our George Washington Carver field trip, students are working in teams to complete a Peanut Lab.  Through the lab, students

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Word Jail

First graders have learned many phonetic rules that they apply in their reading, writing, and spelling.  However, in our language, there are many exceptions to

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Magic E

This week we will increase the number of spelling words on our weekly lists as students will select 15 words rather than ten.  While most

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