Grandparents’ Day

Thank you grandparents, parents, and friends for joining us today.  We enjoyed conducting our digestive system experiments, sharing our work at the academic fair, and

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R-Controlled Vowels

This week in phonics and spelling, we are introducing r-controlled vowels, or “bossy r.”  Today, students learned that er, ir, and ur all make the

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Cardiovascular System

Thank you to Shelley Beall for coming in today and speaking to the first and second grade about the cardiovascular system.  Students learned about each

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Vowel Team ay

This week’s spelling pattern is vowel team ay, which is usually at the end of a word. The -ay ending is the fourth way that

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A Word’s Worth

We tried out a new spelling center today, and it proved to be challenging for all as it integrated many aspects of our learning.  First,

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Health and Nutrition

Thank you to the Wistrom family for coming to speak to us today about healthy eating.  Students learned how to build a healthy plate as

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Vowel Team ee

This weeks vowel digraph is ee, and it is actually the fourth way Summit first graders know how to spell words with a long e

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Body Measurements

Integrating science and math, first grade students are working on measuring their bodies.  Using a tape measure, students are teaming up to measure, compare, and

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Spanish Ballet

Lower School students enjoyed watching and participating in the Spanish Ballet this morning as we sang along, danced, clapped, and listened to the music.  A

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