Singapore Math Strategies

As first grade students continue to build number sense and learn math facts, they will be exploring Singapore math strategies.  This approach involves thinking deeply

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Consonant Blends

This week we will begin working on consonant blends.  A blend is made up of two consonants in which each sound is heard, but they

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Nature Walk

Earlier this week, we launched into our first trimester theme, Caring for Our Planet.  Under this we are beginning to learn about natural resources, or

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First grade students are eagerly using their laptops as well as our classroom desktops.  Our links can be accessed through the class blog.

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Daily Review

As part of our morning routine, Summit first graders will complete a daily review.  The daily review consists of both a math an language section,

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Today we began our weekly spelling routine.  The first spelling pattern we are focusing on is CVC words.  This means words with a short vowel

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Albeit short, we had a wonderful first week in first grade.  As we begin building our classroom community, we are following a superhero theme.  Students

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Welcome Back!

We had a wonderful first day of school.  Full of excitement, and a little bit of nervousness, we began our day learning about some basic

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