As we’ve continued our study of the solar system, first grade students have learned about the inner planets, with a heavy emphasis placed on planet

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Shut the Box

Working to reinforce additional and mental math skills, first graders learned a new, yet traditional math game yesterday, Shut the Box.  In the game, players

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Summit first graders are applying the C.O.P.S. strategy to edit their writing.  Using the acronym, students are actively checking their sentences for appropriate capitalization, organization,

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Throughout the first trimester, in math, first graders will focus on developing numbers sense, practicing computation, and exploring geometry.  The Greedy Triangle, by Marilyn Burns, has

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Daily Review

As part of our morning routine, Summit first graders will complete a daily math and language review.   While called the daily review, it serves

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This week in spelling we are working on r-blends.  Students have selected ten words that contain one of the following beginning blends:  br, cr, dr,

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Stars and Constellations

Last week, first grade students learned all about stars and constellations as activities were  integrated across content areas into this one central focus. Through partner reading,

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