Summit first graders are learning key grammatical concepts and expanding their vocabulary.  Gaining a deeper understanding of various parts of speech, including nouns, verbs, and

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3-D Shapes

Reading aloud Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes integrated science and math concepts while providing first grade students with the perfect introduction to 3-D shapes.  Conducting a

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Writing Process

First grade students are actively engaged in the writing process and at various stages for current writing pieces.  For our purposes, we will be utilizing

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Digraph th

This week’s spelling and word work focus introduces a third digraph, th.  Students have learned that th can make two different sounds and will practice

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Columbus Day

Continuing to learn about American holidays, today we celebrated Columbus Day.  Students enjoyed viewing the Animated Hero Classic titled A Young Christopher Columbus which emphasized how

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Who’s Watching the Moon

First grade students have been learning about the moon over the past week and a half.  Through shared read alouds, videos, nonfiction, and fictional selections,

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