Office Reminders

Last Day of Classes: Wednesday, May 20th  The last day of classes at The Summit Prep is Wednesday, May 20th. It will be a full day of

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Addition with Regrouping

First grade students are learning addition with regrouping.  Through the use of hands-on manipulatives including number lines, hundred charts, and base-ten blocks, students began developing

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Combination “ar”

This week we continue with bossy r, focusing on combination “ar.”  Next week will be our final bossy r pattern, combination “or.”

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Body Measurements

Integrating science and math concepts, first grade students are measuring their bodies.  Using tapes measures, yard sticks, and meter sticks, students are teaming up to

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Combination “ur”

This week we are learning the next pattern in the “bossy r” group, combination “ur.”  Students have once again selected 15 words for their weekly

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Combination “ir”

Last week we introduced “bossy r” by working with the “er” pattern. This week we are focusing on our second r-controlled vowel, “ir.”   “Ir,”

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