Fairy Tales

First grade students are deepening their understanding of story elements including characters, setting, and plot, as we read and write fairy tales.  Working with fairy

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Digraph oo

This week marks our final week of spelling in first grade.  Our last pattern is digraph, or vowel team, oo.  Students brainstormed and selected words

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First grade students have been practicing recognizing coins, identifying their value, skipping counting, adding, and recording amounts using dollars and cents notation.  Today’s centers, listed

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Give Ozarks Day

Tomorrow is a  $2 uniform buy out day.  All money raised will go towards The Summit Prep’s Give Ozarks Day – Financial Aid Fund.   Additional

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Five Senses

Today, first and second grade students participated in centers designed by middle school students as both groups are currently studying the human body.  Focusing on

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