Eagle Eye

Today, we reviewed the eagle eye reading strategy.   Applying this strategy, students are encouraged to look at the pictures for clues as to what

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Marshmallow Challenge

Today, students completed the following STEM challenge.   Create the tallest possible free standing tower using 20 pieces of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one

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Natural Resources

In a follow up to The Lorax, today we began learning about natural resources.  First graders enjoyed watching a brief animated video on the topic

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The Lorax

First graders have launched into first trimester science and social studies topics.  Today, as an introduction, we enjoyed sharing in the Dr. Seuss favorite, The

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5 Finger Rule

Summit first graders are learning to select “just right” books.  As such, students are encouraged to choose a book they think they will enjoy and

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Today, we started our weekly spelling routine.  This began by introducing our first weekly pattern, CVC words.  CVC words all have a short vowel sound

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First graders’ computers are up and running. While the process was somewhat taxing on Mrs. Heet, students were eager to begin accessing programs.  Before doing

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Author Study

Today, we began our first author study of the year. First grade students enjoyed the shared read aloud First Grade, Here I Come! by Nancy Carlson.

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