Summit first graders are learning about a third Native America tribe, the Sioux of the Great Plains.  Students have discovered the Sioux Nation is comprised

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Over the past few weeks, first grade students have been studying the weather.  Introducing the topic, students have worked in pairs to read about weather

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Monday, December 14th

It was a busy day in first grade!  Listed below are center activities and projects we worked on today. Ending Blends – We reviewed sounds

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Students have learned about a second tribe, the Seminole of the Southeast.  They have discovered the Seminole were part of the Creek people who settled

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Ending Blends

This week in spelling and word work, students were introduced to ending blends.  Like beginning blends, ending blends or clusters consist of letters paired together

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Book Fair

Please see the following information from Jill Nieman, Book Fair Coordinator. The Fall Book Fair will be open Dec 3rd-10th. The theme this year is

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Doubles Facts

This week in math we are focusing heavily on learning our addition doubles facts.  An addition doubles fact is a fact that repeats the same

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Google Docs

First grade students have been working to create, title, and type documents in Google Docs.  Up to this point, students have primarily used Docs to

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