Vowel Digraphs

Last week in spelling and word work, we began working with vowel digraphs (also called vowel pairs or vowel teams).  Vowel teams are being introduced

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KY3 Field Trip

First and second grade students enjoyed visiting KY3 today!  While there, students toured the station, talked with meteorologist Abby  Dyer, and interacted with the green

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Inuit of the Arctic

As we wrap up the trimester this week, first graders are learning about a final Native American tribe, the Inuit of the arctic.  We have

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Silent e

First grade students know there are different ways to make long vowel sounds in words.  This week, we are reviewing the “magic e” or “silent

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Native American Research

First grade students are busy preparing their reports for our celebration next week.  After selecting a tribe, students used a variety of books and websites

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Lunch Orders

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our new lunch program provided by Infused Catering. The food is delicious, and the students are enjoying it very

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Suffix -ed

This week, our spelling and word work activities have introduced us to  suffix -ed.  Students have learned that suffix -ed can be pronounced in three

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