Learning Continues

First graders at The Summit know that each day brings the opportunity to learn something new.  Although many are counting down the days to summer,

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Fish and Oceans

This week, first grade students are exploring our final animal classification and habitat, fish and oceans.  We have learned that fish usually have a backbone,

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Addition with Regrouping

First grade students are learning addition  with regrouping.  Through the use of hands-on manipulatives including number lines, hundred charts, and base-ten blocks, students began developing

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Nature Center

Wow, we have had the best field trip weather we could ask for this year, and our final trip of the year, to the Nature

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First grade students have been practicing coin recognition. They are identifying values, skipping counting, adding, and recording amounts using dollars and cents notation.  Today’s centers

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Centers on the Patio

This afternoon, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and had centers on the patio.  Students worked in pairs to read about our next animal

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Vowel Digraph ow

In this week’s spelling pattern, first grade students are learning vowel digraph ow.  We have learned a digraph is two letters that come together to

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Reptiles and Deserts

The fourth animal classification first graders are learning about is reptiles.  We have discovered reptiles are vertebrates, have scaly skin, are cold-blooded, hatch from eggs,

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