Natural Resources

This week we are continuing to study our environment as students are actively learning about natural resources.  Launching our investigation and prompting discussion through literature, we read aloud Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg and The Wump World by Bill Peet.  Through each text we began to examine how we use natural resources. We have discovered we are using many of our resources more quickly than they can be replaced.  Through a variety of games and projects students are learning about renewable and non-renewable resources.  Discussions this week, are preparing us for next week as we delve further into environmental concepts learning how we can protect natural resources, how we can save energy with solar and wind power, and how we can conserve by reducing, reusing, and recycling.


We are addressing the following key terms and definitions:

  • natural resource – something of value we get from the environment
  • renewable resource – a natural resource that can grow back or be replaced over time
  • non-renewable resource – a natural resource that cannot grow back or takes a very, very long time to be replaced
  • fossil fuel – a fuel formed in th earth and made from the remains of plants and animals (coal, oil)
  • pollution – waste from hum that harms the environment



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Summit first graders created posters illustrating one renewable and one non-renewable natural resource.  Completed projects will be on display next week.

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