Native American Research

First grade students are busy preparing their Native American reports for our celebration next week.  After selecting a tribe, students used a variety of books

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As we continue our study of weather, first grade students are investigating clouds.  We began our exploration this morning when Mr. Powers guided us in experimenting

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Make a Ten and Fast Tens

This week, students are practicing additional addition and subtraction strategies including make a ten and fast tens. Knowing how to make a ten is a

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This week, first grade students have begun learning about adjectives. Today, as an introduction, students participated in the shared read aloud, If You Were an

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State of The Summit

Join us at the annual  State of The Summit Presentation tomorrow Thursday, January 19th from 6-7 pm at The Springfield Library Center (4653 S. Campbell

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Weather Fronts

Learning about weather fronts today, students read, discussed, and experimented to compare cold and warm fronts. Through our reading and experimenting, students discovered that air

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Paul Goble

First grade students have begun a new author study, Paul Goble.  Mr. Goble was selected as his works strive to preserve Native American culture and

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Seminole and Sioux

First grade students are delving deeper into second trimester social studies, learning about additional Native American tribes. Prior to winter break, first graders learned about

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Windy Weather!

We took advantage of the windy weather today, exploring our next weather concept, wind!  Students began the morning creating a make and take book about

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