Inuit of the Arctic

First graders have learned about a final Native American tribe, the Inuit of the arctic.  We discovered some people call these Native Americans “Eskimos.”  However, they

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Vowel Teams

  This week in spelling and word work, we are learning about vowel teams (also called vowel pairs or vowel digraphs).  Vowel teams are being introduced in

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States of Matter

This week in science, first graders have been learning about states of matter.   After watching several brief videos, students were asked to classify items

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The Water Cycle

Learning about the water cycle, first grade students are understanding the the process of how water moves and changes.  Students are discussing key steps and terms of

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Magic e – Silent e

First grade students know there are different ways to make long vowel sounds in words.  This week, we are reviewing the “magic e” or “silent

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Digestion Simulation

Mr. Powers joined first grade this morning where students participated in a digestion simulation.  Using a ziplock bag and orange juice, we created a stomach

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The Day It Rained Hearts

Connecting our current science topic, weather, and Valentines’ Day, first grade students enjoyed the perfect read aloud, The Day It Rained Hearts. In the story, Cornelia

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Place Value

Exploring number relationships, first grade students are learning place value concepts. Place value is the value of a digit depending on its position in the

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