The Honey Makers

Continuing to learn about insects, today, we focused on honey bees. Students shared a book by Gail Gibbons, The Honey Makers.  We learned about bee hives,

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Yearbook Orders

Yearbook Orders are Due Wednesday, April 5th Don’t miss out on the 2016-2017 Summit Yearbook! Yearbooks need to be ordered by this Wednesday, April

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Forest Habitat

  First grade students are learning about the forest or woodlands habitat.  We are describing the woodlands in the following ways: are mostly found in

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Insects and Telling Time

First grade students are learning about a second animal classification, insects. Characteristics of this animal classification include having six legs, an exoskeleton, wings, and three

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Arctic Habitat

Through fiction and nonfiction read alouds, students have completed several activities relating to the arctic.  Jan Brett’s book The Three Snow Bears provided us with the

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First grade students have begun studying animal classifications, learning all about mammals.  We have found that mammals are vertebrates, have lungs, breathe air, are warm

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SPO Spring Service Drive

All Summit classes will be competing in the SPO Spring Service Drive collecting items for Harmony House. The class that brings in the highest volume

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Welcome Back!

First grade students were eager to return to school, and it didn’t take long to get into the swing of things.  Listed below are activities

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LAD Fair

Each spring, Summit first graders participate in the Language Arts Department (LAD) Fair, a regional writing contest. In doing so, students are creating and selecting

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