How Big Is a Foot?

This week, first grade students have begun learning about linear measurements. Introducing the topic, we read aloud How Big Is a Foot?.  In the story, the

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Wonders of Wildlife

Today, first grade students enjoyed a visit from Wonders of Wildlife as they brought live animals to explain animal appetites, food chains, and food webs.

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Reptiles and Deserts

Summit first graders are learning about a third animal classification, reptiles.  We have discovered reptiles are vertebrates, have scaly skin, are cold-blooded, hatch from eggs,

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First grade students headed outdoors for STEM time with Mr. Powers today.  Enjoying the beautiful weather, and using the wind to their advantage, students created

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R-Controlled Vowels

This week in phonics and spelling, students are being introduced to “bossy r,” also called r-controlled vowels or combination vowels.  First graders will learn “bossy

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As part or our continued study of measurement, first grade students are embarking on an in-depth money unit.  To being, we reviewed recognition skills, asking

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Thursday, April 13th: Free Dress Day: Miss Mimi (Summit Kindergartener) is our Honorary Head of School tomorrow (Thurs 4/13). Miss Mimi has declared that Thursday, April

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First grade students have a learned a verb is a word that describes an action and tells what happens in a sentence.  Last week, students

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Friday, April 7th

We’ve had a busy week of learning in first grade.  Students began each morning completing a daily math and language review through which they reviewed

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