Handwriting First grade students are reviewing D’Nealian letter formation.  Students will practice one or two letters per week as we work our way through the

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Phonological Awareness

At the beginning of first grade a significant portion of literacy based instruction addresses phonological and phonemic awareness skills.  Phonological awareness is often thought of

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Special Events

First grade students participated in several special events this week including S.T.E.A.M. with Mr. Powers, gardening with the 5th grade, and story time with Pete

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Number Sense

Throughout first trimester, first grade students will engage in a variety of activities to build number sense.  What is number sense?   To put it

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Safety First

Safety first has quickly become a class mantra as we learn procedures and expectations.  We have discussed safety on the patio, safety when using scissors,

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Consonants and Vowels

This morning, we began our first phonics and spelling lessons.  Starting with a read aloud, The War Between the Vowels and Consonants, we reviewed the difference between

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Solar Eclipse

Yesterday, first and second grade students partnered together to begin a mini-unit on the upcoming solar eclipse.  We began by posing the following question, Why

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First Day of First Grade

We had an amazing first day in first grade!  Students quickly settled into their morning work activity drawing pictures of themselves, their classroom, their lunch,

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