Solar Power

Did you know if we could collect all the sunlight that shines on Earth in one hour, we would have enough energy for the entire

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Number Bonds

Continuing to build number sense, first grade students are working with number bonds.  A number bond is a visual representation of the relationship between a

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Box Top Winners!

Congratulations, first grade!  Yesterday, we were informed first graders were the winners of the Back to School Box Top Frenzy Contest, collecting a total of 133

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Summit first graders are calling on the C. O. P. S. to patrol their writing. Using the acronym C. O. P. S., students are applying

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What are polygons?  First graders know they are 2-dimensional figures.  They have at least three sides, straight lines, and form a closed shape.  To help

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We’re Moving!

The announcement of the new building has students and teachers abuzz with excitement! In true Summit fashion, we want the students to be at the

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Beginning Blends

First grade students are continuing to work with beginning blends. Beginning blends consist of two or more consonants at the beginning of a word.  Together, they

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