Water Pollution and Watershed

In preparation for our field trip, first grade students have been learning about water as a natural resource. Through read alouds such as Water, Up Down and All Around, we have discovered where water comes from and where it goes.  We have previewed the water cycle, a process we will further explore next trimester.  Through hands on experiments, students have learned about water pollution, its impact on our watershed, and what we can do to protect and conserve water.  Our learning culminated today as we visited the Watershed center of the Ozarks.  First graders participated in a nature hike and scavenger hunt, identifiying plants, trees, nuts, flowers, and animals.  While students enjoyed observing our natural environment, the highlight of the trip was getting in the water, collecting and observing plant and animal life in the stream.  Thank you to each of our parent chaperones!

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STEAM Class Oil Spill Simulation

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Water Pollution Experiment

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Watershed Field Trip

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