Creepy Carrots

Setting a spooky tone, first grade students enjoyed sharing another Peter Brown book, Creepy Carrots.  In addition to reviewing basic story elements (character, setting, plot) students were introduced to

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Decoding Strategies

First grade students are consistently encouraged to apply phonetic knowledge and decoding strategies when reading.  While numerous phonetic patterns and rules are reinforced individually, as

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Moving on from compound words, Summit first graders continue to expand their vocabulary as they learn key grammatical concepts.  Gaining a deeper understanding of various

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Digraph th

This week’s spelling and word work focus introduces students to a third digraph, th.  We will learn th can make two different sounds, a hard

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Summit first graders have a favorite new learning tool, Osmo.   Osmo is a learner-led iPad game system.  It uses physical objects, in conjunction with iPads, to support

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Summit News-Leader

Exciting things are happening at The Summit.  Check out today’s News-Leader article, featuring several first graders!

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Punctuation Takes a Vacation

First grade students have been and will continue practicing writing sentences, or complete thoughts.  As we write, we are noticing the importance of punctuation. Throughout the

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Lucky 13 – Silent Auction

The Summit’s Lucky 13 Silent Auction is now open! Use this link to register and start bidding: Bidding will end at 8:30 pm this Friday, October 13th.

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