States of Matter

This week in science, first graders have been learning about states of matter.   After watching several brief videos, students were asked to classify items

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Native American Celebration

Last week, first grade students wrapped up second trimester learning with a Native American celebration.  On display were student projects, portfolios, and writing samples as well

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Vowel Teams

This week in spelling and word work, we are learning about vowel teams (also called vowel pairs or vowel digraphs).  Vowel teams are being introduced in the

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The Water Cycle

  Learning about the water cycle, first grade students are understanding the the process of how water moves and changes. Students are discussing key steps and terms

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Happy Valentine’s Day

First grade students began the morning by making Valentine’s Day cards for the residents at Elfindale. After completing a handful of Valentine’s Day related learning

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Suffix -ed

This week, our spelling and word work activities have introduced us to  suffix -ed.  Students have learned that suffix -ed can be pronounced in three

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Native American Research

This afternoon, we partnered with fourth grade to conduct research on our student selected Native American tribes.  Several students worked with a partner who had

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Magic e

This week, we have begun our shift from short vowel to long vowel phonetic rules and patterns. First grade students know there are different ways

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