Madagascar Jr. The Musical

On Wednesday, first grade students visited Landers Theater for a matinee performance of Madagascar Jr. The Musical. It was certainly fun, a bit silly, and

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Victory Mission

The Summit SPO Pantry Drive and class contest for Victory Mission ends this Friday, March 30th.  Bins for each class are set up in the lobby. Included is

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LAD Fair

The results are in for the 2018 LAD Fair, and I couldn’t be more proud of our first grade class. Congratulations to all! Description of

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Vowel Team ay

This morning, first grade students were introduced to vowel team ay.  After brainstorming our list of words, we quickly recognized that ay usually comes at

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Raven’s Reach Out

Today, Summit students  participated in their first all school service learning day. Visiting the Watershed, first grade and kindergarten students helped to restore a glade

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Yearbook Help Night Tonight

This evening, the high school journalism/yearbook class is hosting a yearbook help session. The students work with Treering almost daily, and they will be glad

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Vowel Team oa

This week’s spelling and word work pattern will focus on a fourth vowel team, oa.  First graders will discover that this vowel team makes the

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Inuit of the Arctic

First graders have learned about a final Native American tribe, the Inuit of the arctic.  We discovered some people call these Native Americans “Eskimos.”  However, they

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Vowel Team ee

After completing our partner spelling assessment from last week, we began our new pattern, vowel team ee.  To introduce this pattern, students listened to Beep!

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