This morning, first grade students participated in the annual P.E. bowling field trip to Andy B’s.  The positive sportsmanship demonstrated through cheering and chanting for

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Gail Gibbons

First grade students have been introduced to our final author study of the year, Gail Gibbons.  As stated on her website, Gibbons is “a master

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As part or our continued study of measurement, first grade students are embarking on an in-depth money unit.  To being, we reviewed recognition skills, asking

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Vowel Digraph oo

This week first grade students are learning about vowel digraph oo.  They have learned that oo usually makes two sounds, the short sound as in

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Amphibians – Frogs

After learning about mammals, birds, and insects, first graders are now learning about amphibians.  We have discovered that amphibians have each of the following characteristics:

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Forest Haibtats

First grade students are learning about a variety of forest habitats.  We began by describing the forests/woodlands in the following ways: mostly found in the

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The Grouchy Ladybug

First grade students are learning about all about insects. Characteristics of this animal classification include having six legs, an exoskeleton, wings, and three main body

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Animal Classifications

First grade students have been immersed in learning as we explore animal classifications.  Students discovered animals are classified into two main categories, vertebrates and invertebrates. 

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How Big Is A Foot?

This week, first grade students have begun learning about linear measurements. Introducing the topic, we read aloud How Big Is a Foot?.  In the story, the

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