Contraction Surgery

Friday was one of those fun, engaging, awesome days of learning. It was play-based, rigorous, and had my operating room of 1st grader doctors begging

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The People of the Plains

First graders have been studying the Plains Native Americans in addition to researching their own individual Native American tribe.  The people of the plains were

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State of the Summit

Join us at  the annual State of The Summit Presentation on Thursday, January 24th at 6:00 p.m. at The  Summit Prep (202 E. Walnut Lawn Street) The Summit Board of Trustees and Head of School invite

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Before winter break, first graders focused on learning their doubles addition facts, as well as many other addition strategies.  This week we focused heavily on

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Compound Words

First grade students are learning about compound words.  As an introduction, we read aloud If You Were a Compound Word by Trish Speed Shaskan and viewed a

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The Water Cycle

Learning about the water cycle, first grade students are understanding the the process of how water moves and changes. Students are discussing key steps and terms of

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Vowel Teams

Happy Monday!  We had a great 2 days back last week and am looking forward to all of the learning we will be doing throughout

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