100th day of School

First grade students celebrated the 100th day of school with a wide variety of literacy, mathematics, movement, and STEM activities all centered around the theme 100.  Throughout the day, students participated in the following stations and activities:

  • What can you create with 100 cups?
  • What can you and your partner create with 100 linking straws?
  • How tall is a stack of 100 pennies?
  • How full is your jar after 100 drops of water?
  • Creating a picture with the number 100
  • Listening to shared read alouds such as Jake’s 100th Day of School and other books about 100 read aloud online
  • Writing a class book called, “I’ve Been Told 100 Times” and each student wrote about something they have been told by a parent 100 times
  • How many times can you write your name in 100 seconds?
  • Starting from the classroom, how far does 100 steps take you?

We ended our day by adding our 100 pieces to our class 100 snack!  While enjoying our snack, we read our class book as well as “One Hundred Hungry Ants”.


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