The Desert

Over the past week, we learned about our next biome, the desert.  Desert areas are areas of dry land with special plants and animals that

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Paragraph Writing

In writing, first graders have been working on writing paragraphs.  When writing a paragraph, first grade students include 4 different parts: Main idea sentence, detail

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April Showers….

…Bring May flowers!! Great news!  Our first trimester celebration bulbs have started to bloom and they look beautiful!  We took a little bit of time

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The Tundra

Our third trimester is well on it’s way and we have started exploring our first world biome.  Over the past week, first graders have been

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St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Prior to Spring Break, 1st graders explored the Irish culture and some of their special traditions.  We learned about St. Patrick and the many Irish

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Spirit Week!

Summit Spirit Week 2019   The Summit Prep’s 2019 Spirit Week is March 4th-8th! This year we’re celebrating our Spanish Program. Each day has a different

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