Contraction Surgery

First grade students have been learning about contractions all week.  Figuring out what letters to “kick out” and remembering to replace them with an apostrophe

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Flexible Seating

First graders at The Summit begin their day by selecting a seat in the classroom that is comfortable and effective for them. We utilize flexible

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First graders have been rocking their spelling lately!  As part of our spelling routine, each week we focus on a specific phonetic pattern and words

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Multiplication and Division!

First graders have recently been learning about the concept of multiplication and division. Students use math manipulatives to explore the concepts themselves and discover multiplication

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Solar Prints

First grade students have recently been learning about different types of energy. One type we have explored is solar power. To demonstrate the power of

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Oil Spill Experiment!

First graders are learning about pollution this week. Students are familiar with the three main types of pollution: air pollution, water pollution and land pollution.

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