Grandfriends Day and Spring Concert

We had such an eventful day on Tuesday! (Scroll all the way to the bottom for the link to view all pictures from Tuesday!) We started the morning with many family members visiting our classroom for Grandfriends Day. Students started by singing a song for our visitors. As part of our recent study of animal habitats, we have been practicing The Habitat Song. If you live with a first grader, there is no doubt you’ve been hearing it at home the last two weeks! Check it out below if you’d like to sing along!

Next, first graders shared some interesting facts about an animal they choose for their upcoming research project with fifth grade. They have been researching and learning about their animal for weeks. Students shared some artwork they created of the animal and then read 3 interesting facts they had found in their research. Did you know that there are only about 420 blobfish left in the world? Or that meercats have a black line on their eyes acts like sunglasses? Now you do!

Next, Ms. Bias joined us for an art project. Students worked with their grandfriends to decorate a bookmark that they will be able to take home in the next few days! 

Finally, we practiced a math skill by measuring the length of each student’s arm span and creating a “take home hug”. The “take home hugs” were a craft that included a photo of the child (missing teeth and all!), a strip of paper their exact arm length, and tracings of their hands. When they are older, grandfriends will be able to look back and see just how little their child’s hugs were back in first grade! 

In the evening, students had their Spring Concert at The Gillioz. Students did so wonderfully showing off what they had learned in music class this year while singing some multicultural songs and playing the bells! Then, we got to watch the older students rock out! It was so neat to see students of all ages performing!

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