Our World of Symmetry

Our geometry focus this week has been symmetry.  We have investigated this concept with many hands-on projects that the class has thoroughly enjoyed.  We’ve discovered

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Using Protractors

What is a Protractor? To better understand our study of angles, we practiced using protractors to give us a more accurate determination of angle sizes. 

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Fire Prevention Visit

This week is Fire Prevention Week. We investigated many fire safety rules and fire hazards in our homes.  Don’t be surprised if your child comes

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Informational Text Features

This week we have been discussing the difference between fiction and non fiction with an emphasis on informational text features.  An informational text’s purpose is

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All it takes is a quick glance around a room, any room, to find angles everywhere. Every corner in the room makes an angle. So do the

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2nd Grade Spanish 9/19

This trimester in Spanish class, 2nd graders have been learning any and all vocabulary relating to outer space. We started the trimester by learning the

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Irregular Verbs

An irregular verb is one that does not form its simple past tense by adding “-ed” or “-d” to the base form.  If only all

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