We Love Mo Willems!

Have you ever read a book and immediately been struck by how wonderful it is?  You want to tell everyone about it and read it

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Friends, Family and Fun

What an amazing “feast” we had on Friday!!!!  Thank you to everyone who brought in food!  There was a plethora of wonderful tasting yummies! But,

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“Quotation Marks”

We’ve been learning about quotation marks.  They are a difficult punctuation concept to understand.  We used Mo Willems books to practice this skill.  It’s so

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We are So Lucky!

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful outdoor space! Second graders have had a blast gathering leaves. building piles, and then playing in

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And Now…Area

To understand area, children need to experience the concept of space on a flat surface. To introduce the skill, we examined rectangles and  squares and

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Our in house astronomer, Mr. Pickett, was kind enough to share a presentation with our second grade class on Astronomical Spectroscopy.  In case you are

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2nd grade yoga

Last week we did our mindfulness craft for the month.  Each kid chose between a pumpkin, cat or wolf craft to make.  These crafts give

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