It’s Been A Great First Day Back!!

It was a great day in the third grade! The students loved their new art caddies and enjoyed getting to decorate their new art boxes. In addition, we had fun sharing about our Winter Breaks.

As a class, we went over a “Looks Like/”Sounds Like” chart for the different parts of our day, so that the students would know the expectations for our classroom. We spent a lot of our day getting to know eachother and learing about “Growth vs Fixed” mindsets. To support this concept, we read two books. In each book, the main character struggled with a task and at times wanted to “call it quits,” but they perservered and ended up being successful with their task in the end! We talked about how our brain needs to practice new concepts over and over in order to get better at new skills.  To reinforce this concept, students were given a piece of paper with 4 squares. In the first square, the students drew a ladybug from their memory. Then, they reflected on what they liked about their drawing and what they would change about their drawing, next time. Tomorrrow, the students will receive 2 different tutorials on how to draw a ladybug and after making 2 new drawings, the students will reflect on all 3 pictures and how they are going to use what they like/learned from each to make a 4th and final drawing.

At the end of the day, we had time to reflect on our day, and I received some great sugggestions from the students on things that they would like me to incorporate into the class. I am so grateful to be able to teach such a great group of kids!

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