Our class had such a great week! The students really enjoyed learning how to classify rocks and describe their properties. The students got the opportunity to handle and observe many different types of rocks. To review the “Rock Cycle” each student was able to use Starburst in order to model each part of the cycle. This activity was defiitely a hit!

The kids did an AMAZING job completing over 20 slides on non-fiction text features. Today, the students learned about the “Elements of a Biography” and searched through various biographies to find infomation and specific text features. Then, the students worked in pairs to find over 30 clues hidden throughout the school, in order to help fill-in a biography page about Martin Luther King Jr. I was really proud of the conversations that we had as a class regarding Dr. King’s message. These kids are going to change the world!

Next week we will begin a unit on Roald Dahl, soil, and the Properties of Multiplication. In addition, I will be completing a mid-year spelling assessment. Lastly, the kids will start their planning for their biography on a Famous Missourian.

Please see the message below from Ms. Venita:


Happy start of second semester! As we are continuing to wear masks during the school day, it has been noticed that students are getting an extra mask from the front desk more often during the day to replace a lost or damaged one. The Summit does keep a small supply to accommodate students and families; however, the ordering of masks has become more frequent.

How can you help?

Prepare your student(s) with an extra mask or two in their backpack to help them be prepared in case they need to change their mask.

Also, The Summit is always appreciative of the donation of face masks to offer in the front lobby for any students or parents who have forgotten or damaged theirs.

If you would like to help out the school by donating a box of disposable face masks (children’s and/or adult sizes), please use the links below to ship directly to the school or drop them by the front desk.



Thank you for your continued support of health and wellness at The Summit!


Ms. Venita

Third Grade Wish List:
-Tubs of Legos
-Dixie Cups
-“STEM” building toys for free time and indoor recess
Thank you for all you do!
-Scarlett Weis

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