Let’s Go West!

Happy Wednesday! Thank you so much for coming to our Trimester Celebration and to Student-Led conferences. I am exceedingly proud of all of the students and their hard work. The students loved sharing their knowledge with all of you.

This week, the students have completed a map showing the area of the Louisiana Purchase and the journey of Lewis and Clark. They learned that Clark was a great cartographer and drew maps of the new land. The students read a book about the perilous journey and we have had some great class discussions about the book. The students have been given a choice board that I created, pertaining to Lewis and Clark. There are four activities that they “must” do, as well as several choices of lessons/activities/assignments that they “may” do. The choices allow for a variety of interests and learning styles and are a good mix of technology and non-technology based. It’s fun to see the students get excited about feeling empowered to make their own choices.

Thank you, again, for all of your support!

Scarlett Weis


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