It looks like we’ll actually have a whole week of school! Hooray!!

Here’s the plan for next week:

Writing: Fictional narratives, take 2! (Or 3?) We’ll begin our next writing with components and introductions next week. Each Friday, students will be given “Friday Free Write” time to work on entries for LAD Fair, and they are welcome to be working on pieces at home, as well!

Math: Finishing our fractions unit! We’ll go over tenths and hundredths with fractions, and review and assess by the end of the week. There is a checkpoint going home today to give you an idea of your kiddo’s knowledge up to this point!

Reading: We’ll discuss making connections between what we read and other books, our lives, and the world at large. In addition, I’m adding a vocabulary component to my reading instruction, since these kids are language arts sponges and love everything to do with reading! I’m going to challenge them with a new vocabulary word each day that they’ll compile in their reading journals.

Science: We will learn about potential and kinetic energy and review simple machines in preparation for the culminating activity for the force and motion unit next week — they will create Rube Goldberg machines! Our field trip to Urban Air is also coming up! (Woohoo!)

Spelling: There WILL be a spelling unit next week.

*Don’t forget that Wednesday, Feb. 8, is a late start day, and the spelling bee will be held after school!

*Friday will be a Dress Out Day in honor of the Kansas City Chiefs!!

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