2019 Math Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following Summit art students for placing in the southwest regional math art competition.

Geometric Designs:


Alia Schippert – 1st Place

1st Grade: 

 Vivien Black – 5th Place

3rd Grade: 

Avery Reed – 1st Place

Brooklyn Landrum – 2nd Place

Alyssa Newman – 6th Place

Lucas Reed – 10th Place

4th Grade:

Anna Schippert – 2nd Place

Ryleigh Renner – 3rd Place

Greta Ebbrecht- 10th place

6th Grade:

Hannah Lee – 5th Place

7th Grade:

Chloe Stenger: 6th Place

Technology/Computer Generated Art:

3rd Grade:

Madilyn Brown: 2nd Grade

Whit Gelner: 6th Place



Ember Murray: 1st Place

Brylee Stranckmeyer: 5th Place

Irelyn Arft: 10th Place

1st Grade:

Deacon Arthur: 10th Place

2nd Grade:

Jasper Kimmons: 2nd Place

Savannah Coring: 5th Place

Amelie Altrup: 6th Place

6th Grade:

Kaydence Wroten: 7th Place

7th Grade:

Denae Lyddon: 1st Place

Zane Keeper: 7th Place

Darla Bauer: 8th Place



These students attended the art opening.

The following Summit students will have their art on display until April 28th at the Springfield Art Museum. 

Kindergarten:  Dani Lindley

1st grade:  Matt Breckner

2nd grade:  Savannah Coring and  Easton Isley

3rd grade:  Brooklyn Landrum

4th grade:  Andres Garcia and Journey Hill

5th grade:  Hudson Messenger and Evelyn Nelson

Middle School:  Izzie Keech and Isabella Garcia and Maren Beall

 High School:  Kaitlyn Nielson

Springfield Art Museum: All School Exhibition

Springfield Art Museum

Exhibit runs from March 2 to April 28

 The following students from The Summit will have their art on display in this exhibit:

 Kindergarten:  Dani Lindley

1st grade:  Matt Breckner

 2nd grade:  Savannah Coring

                            Easton Isley

 3rd grade:  Brooklyn Landrum

 4th grade:  Andres Garcia

                           Journey Hill

  5th grade:  Hudson Messenger

                            Evelyn Nelson

    Middle School:  Izzie Keech

                                        Isabella Garcia

                                        Maren Beall

      High School:  Kaitlyn Nielson

Every March, the Museum invites student artists from across our community, in kindergarten through twelfth grades, to exhibit outstanding artwork in the All School Exhibition. A celebration of Youth Art Month, this highly anticipated show is the Museum’s longest running exhibition. Please join us for this colorful exhibition that the Springfield News-Leader has described as “what it must be like to be inside a kaleidoscope.”

The exhibit runs from March 2 – April 28.

Museum Hours:

Tuesday – Wednesday: 10:00 – 6:00

Thursday: 10:00- 8:00

Friday – Saturday: 10:00 – 6:00

Sunday: 1:00-5:00

*Note the Museum is closed on Mondays*

Springfield Art Museum

1111 East Brookside Drive

Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: 417-837-5700

Art and Science: Bubbles


The Art and Science after school enrichment class created giant bubbles on their tables by blowing through straws.  They enjoyed measuring their bubbles with  rulers. The largest had a diameter of 9.5 inches. Then they tried to hook their bubbles together. Some students even managed to blow a bubble inside another bubble.

Sweet Treats: Beginners and Pre-K


Sweet Treats: Beginners and Pre-K

Beginners and Pre-K  created sweet treats for their parents. They learned to fold paper to cut out symmetrical hearts and they were so proud of their accomplishments. The two scoops were the hearts and they used lines to simulate textures on their cones. Everyone added a cherry on top for the “piece de resistance” and some even added colorful sprinkles. They were learning about shapes, colors, texture, patterns, and symmetry.








 Beginners have been learning to mix colors of paint to achieve warm and cool color schemes.
They created two mixed media painting/collages: Dinosaurs using warm colors and Penguins using cool colors. They loved adding snow (salt) on top of their watercolor paintings and watching it melt (dissolve).  Their Penguins and snowflakes are on display in the hall outside their classroom.
Pre-K students have their Winter Sky paintings along with their snowflakes on display in the hall across from their room. They learned how to mix tempera paint to achieve different values, tints and shades. They loved adding the snow and glitter glaze.

Kindergarten On the first floor outside the art room you can find their winter paintings.
At the other end of the hallway they have paintings inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. They used mixed media techniques of watercolor,  tempera and printing to create these images. They have been learning how to mix colors,  and use pattern and texture to create movement in their art.
1st Grade has a large mural in the art hallway above the book shelves.  After learning about a variety of careers in our community the students created Teddy Bears to depict the career of their choice. They were very creative with their addition of details, adding  the buildings, vehicles, and tools needed for each profession.
To reinforce their studies in the classroom the 1st grade art students created Dream Catchers. These mixed media paintings are on display at the end of the art hallway by the double doors leading to the music room.

2nd Grade In the art room there is a display of  radial patterns with their weavings in the center. They were very interested in learning how to create circular patterns with lines, colors and shapes. The end results are very impressive visually. They are currently working on paintings for an endangered species poster contest.
3rd grade  They have been studying animals in their natural habitats and creating detailed drawings of  Animals in Missouri. They will also be printing footprints for the animal tracks to frame each piece.
They are working on entries for an endangered species art contest.  Soon we will be hanging up their architectural drawings that they completed in groups.
4th grade and 5th grade art students did research and learned about a famous American from the Revolutionary War, Nathanael Greene. They used graphic design techniques, lettering and illustration and included their historical research for the Sons of the American Revolution poster contest.
                                                Image result for nathanael greene
The three winners from our school were Evelyn Nelson, Sydney Walker and Cadence Gelner. Their posters will be judged at the local level and will the winners and prizes  will be announced at the SAR meeting in February.
4th grade is currently working on 3-D group projects about George Washington Carver. They have worked with a variety of materials, including clay, to create dioramas. These miniature scenes depict images from their research and were inspired by their field trip to the museum earlier this year.
5th grade art students have been  learning about Asian art. They used watercolors and Sumi Brush Paintings. Painting landscapes, bamboo, and Chinese calligraphy and then decorating borders and frames to enhance their work for display.
6th grade: They are working on illustrating poems that they wrote for their language arts class. They will be entering them as a group project in the annual language arts competition, LAD Fair. On display in the art room they have 3-D Pop Art Sculptures. They had so much fun enlarging every day objects: French fries, cookies, pencils, erasers, etc. The younger students also love seeing these on display.
7th grade They have been creating paper mache sculptures of imaginary animals in the Oaxacan style of folk art of Mexico. They are finishing the surface of their sculptures by creating painted patterns with bright colors.
8th grade/high school On display in the art room are their black and white pencil drawings of famous people. They learned how to use texture and value to achieve photo-realism.
Then they worked with line and studied the style of Op Art to create drawings, paintings and string art designs.


The art classes are off to a great start in the new art room!

The students started the year by learning about fractals. These never-ending patterns can be created by repeating a simple process over and over again. The students created their own fractal patterns by using the elements of design, repeating these patterns at increasingly smaller scales. The students loved watching computer generated fractal patterns set to music. “Eye of the Universe” Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom is a great video to look at, if you would like to watch one at home.

These proved to be very relaxing, even a bit mesmerizing and the discussion that followed was so insightful. When asked what these fractal patterns looked like, the students had many interesting ideas. They elaborated on visual images reminiscent of clouds, ocean waves, land masses and molecular structures.This was a great way to integrate art with science, math and music. We looked at photographs to see how fractals occur in nature, snowflakes, rivers, and tree branches. We then discussed how nature is a great source of design for artists. Students used organic lines and shapes to create their own fractal type patterns on the first page of their sketchbook.

In the following class they studied different types of lines, organic and geometric. We discussed vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. This was followed by a lesson on how to use organic shapes to create bubble letters and geometric shapes to create block letters. The students were asked to create their name designs using different styles of calligraphy surrounded by fractal style patterns. The beginner and pre-k students created geometric collages using straight lines and circles. The older students studied art history from various cultures: Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Chinese calligraphy and American artist, Keith Haring’s pop art graffiti style lettering.

Currently students are working on Art to Remember projects for our art fundraiser and individual classes are working on group projects for the annual Summit Gala Auction.

Next week we will begin after school enrichment classes. I will be teaching Under the Sea art classes for Art Club on Mondays and Musical Theatre classes on Wednesdays for Acting Club. If you are interested in signing up please do so as soon as possible. Art Club will be limited to 8 students and Acting Club will be limited to the first 10 students that sign up. One of our high school students will be assisting me with choreography. Hint, hint…. Acting Club will be a real THRILLER!!!!

Art News

Springfield All School Art Exhibition 2018

You are invited to attend the opening reception honoring the exhibiting artists and their families this
Friday, March 2 from 5:30-7:00PM

Congratulations to the following students from The Summit Prep for being chosen to represent our school at this annual art exhibit.

Kindergarten: Kris Lukanov
1st Grade: Easton Isley and Brighton Thomas
2nd Grade: Violet Black, Madilyn Brown, Whit Gelner, Ben Keiper,
Shaurya Jha, Brooklyn Landrum, Alyssa Newman,
Avery Reed, Lucas Reed
3rd Grade: Gracelyn Rothwell
4th Grade: Evelyn Nelson
5th Grade: Izzie Keech, Ella Schippert,Hannah Lee,
Brooke Guyer, Kaydence Wroten,
6th Grade : Wyatt Wistrom and Reid Breckner
7th Grade: Charlotte Bauer, Jocelyn Coring, Emmy Fouche,
Essie Hibbert, Grace Keech, Nikita Patsioukov,
Levi Scroggs, Luke Sharp, Will Sharp, Jacob Tetlow,
Geoff Worthman, Grace Yarnell
8th Grade: Verity Gerhold
9th grade: Kaitlyn Nielsen

The Exhibit will remain on display at the Springfield Art Museum from March 3-April 29.
Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-6PM Sunday 1-5PM

Art Displays at The Summit

Dear Parents,

The Summit art students have been busy finishing art projects to display at school. Their artwork is correlated to either their study of a famous artist or a topic from their regular classroom curriculum. They have put a lot of effort into their work and are very proud of their displays. Next time you are in the building please make sure you take time to admire their creations.

Thank You,
Lisa Murphy

Art Displays at The Summit:

Beginners and Pre-K Winter Penguins Collage/Painting (1st floor)
Van Gogh Style Paintings: Starry Night (2nd floor)

Kindergarten: Picasso Style Cubism Collages: Three Musicians (2nd floor)
Snowflake Snowmen (2nd floor)

1st grade: Dream Catchers (3rd floor)
Outer Space (3rd floor)
Teddy Bears on Parade: Careers (3rd floor)

2nd grade: Ocean Mixed Media Underwater Scenes (3rd floor)
3-D Coral Reef (art room)

3rd grade: Dinosaurs (3rd floor)
Architectural Study Mixed Media (3rd floor)
Stained Glass Snowflakes (art room)

4th grade: Kaleidoscope Etchings (3rd floor)
Revolutionary War Posters (3rd floor)

5th grade: Asian Art Sumi Brush Paintings (3rd floor)
Revolutionary War Posters (3rd floor)

6th grade: Silhouettes illustrating their original poems (1st floor)
Partnered with their Pre-K Buddies Silhouettes

7th grade: 3-D architecture projects and Landscape Paintings
Egyptian Robot for the Art Museum (art room)

8th grade: Op Art Musical Instruments (2nd floor)
World Famous Architectural Structures (2nd floor)
Art History Mash-up (art room)

***** Beginners – 8th grade: Art to Remember (3rd floor large community room) ******

The Summit Prep: Inspiring the Joy of Learning