Early Learners Getting Groovy with Pete the Cat!!

Given a few basic guidelines/instructions and Pete images, Early Learners blew me away with their drawing abilities on Pete the Cat!!

Based off the book “I Love My White Shoes” EL kiddos each took a turn stomping in “strawberries”, “blueberries” and “mud” for their collaborative process art piece. They had so much fun!  After reading “I Love My White Shoes” I asked if they understood what it meant when the book says ‘the moral of the story’. We talked about what it means to have things happen to you that make you sad or upset or bummed and how those things can be overcome with a positive attitude and willingness to keep trucking along. What a great book with a great message even for us older kids 😉





3rd/4th grade Kandinksky Inspired Paintings

After an in-depth look at the life and Abstract/Non-Objective works of Kandinsky, third and fourth graders have been diligently working on creating their own Kandinsky inspired paintings. We cranked up the classical tunes and let the music help guide us throughout the process. More photos to come as students continue the process!

3rd Graders:

Class discussion.

4th Graders:

I decided to approach this project in color stages with black being our first step. We paused to practice some color theory on our color wheels. Students learned they could paint all other colors just from the three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. On their drawn color wheel they painted primary, secondary, intermediate, complimentary, analogous, warm and cool color schemes with only the three primaries. They were impressed they could do all other colors just by using red, yellow and blue!

Students will now get to select which color scheme they’d like to use to finish their Kandinsky paintings.  Stay tuned!


Kindegartners Cloud Shape Search

Try to say that fast….Kindergartners Cloud Shape Search. Kindergartners Cloud Shape Search. Could you do it?!

What a beautiful day for some cloud drawings. After a quick video of different cloud types and how they’re formed we headed outside with our sketchbooks to see what they could find in the sky. Fun!!


GALA!! Eighth grade Ceramic Platters

Eighth graders have been working hard on their collaborative Gala ceramic platters!  Our collection of natural materials are being narrowed down and arranged several different ways in order to find what is the most aesthetically pleasing and what will ‘print’ the best.  We are excited to be working with clay for this piece and I can’t wait to see the results!

Special thank you goes out to Liliana Swinney for all your added help in gathering and transporting materials!

Clay slabs have been rolled out and students are placing their dried materials in preparation for printing.

After the initial bisque firing students glazed each platter a beautiful Jade green. They are glaze firing while I type this and I cannot wait to see the finished pieces!

Mondrian Inspired Paintings

First and second graders are changing gears and we’re diving into exploring a few Abstract artists. Our first stop is Piet Mondrian.

After studying his use of line and other Elements and Principles, students began creating their own Mondrian inspired abstract painting. They were pretty excited to be given paint! After some practice we’ll narrow down our best line painting and begin shading in with primary colors. Can’t wait to see the results! Stay tuned for updated photos.


UPDATED 10/02/20



Early Learners Nature Hunt and Collage

As a follow up activity to our warm/cool colored tissue paper flower paintings (what a mouthful!) Early Learners went on a scavenger hunt for natural materials that were either warm or cool and are excited to collage them together to form their own Nature Collage! Our materials are being pressed and dried so stay tuned for the final product in the next few weeks.

UPDATED 9/29/20

Our collected materials have been pressed and dried and students were excited to begin their Nature Crown Collages.

Wow! Their Nature Crowns are done and looking fabulous! Kids were thrilled to walk around the track and show them off to the older kiddos.


EL Warm/Cool Tissue Paper Paintings

Wow! Wow! Wow!

After reading Bear Sees Colors, hunting for and identifying warm/cool colors around the room and outside, these sweet kiddos set to work over several weeks painting their tissue paper designs, cutting out shapes and then collaging pieces to form their Flower Paintings. They worked so hard and I’m so proud of them!!

As a follow up activity we went outside today and gathered up any warm/cool colored natural materials we could find and plan on making a Nature Collage work of art next week.  They had so much fun collecting and would stop and exclaim Look! Look! I found a leaf! It’s cold greeeeennnn!! Look! Look! I found a warm flower!

I’m sure they’d love to do this activity with you at home.


Art to Remember Fundraiser

Students have been working so hard on these projects and they are looking fantastic!! Look for order forms to be sent home soon.

Each student was asked to select something meaningful in their life, enlarge it and begin layering colors while paying attention to line direction and filling in all white spaces.  This wasn’t easy! They all did soooo well listening to instructions and continually giving their best!

Ask your child why they chose the image they did and what it means to them. It’s a great way to begin an open dialogue about what they’re doing in Art and how it connects to their interests.
















Kindergarten Tissue Paper Paintings!

Hello EL and K students and parents! We are really enjoying watching what happens with our cool and warm colored tissue paper as we paint over it, layer it, stack it and move it around on our paper!

After completing one warm and one cool painting each K student did a line drawing of their choice to collage on top. They are so excited to show you these!

Early Learners painting outside on our cool weather day with our cool colored tissue paper.


K students busy learning while having some fun!



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