2019 Math Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following Summit art students for placing in the southwest regional math art competition.

Geometric Designs:


Alia Schippert – 1st Place

1st Grade: 

 Vivien Black – 5th Place

3rd Grade: 

Avery Reed – 1st Place

Brooklyn Landrum – 2nd Place

Alyssa Newman – 6th Place

Lucas Reed – 10th Place

4th Grade:

Anna Schippert – 2nd Place

Ryleigh Renner – 3rd Place

Greta Ebbrecht- 10th place

6th Grade:

Hannah Lee – 5th Place

7th Grade:

Chloe Stenger: 6th Place

Technology/Computer Generated Art:

3rd Grade:

Madilyn Brown: 2nd Grade

Whit Gelner: 6th Place



Ember Murray: 1st Place

Brylee Stranckmeyer: 5th Place

Irelyn Arft: 10th Place

1st Grade:

Deacon Arthur: 10th Place

2nd Grade:

Jasper Kimmons: 2nd Place

Savannah Coring: 5th Place

Amelie Altrup: 6th Place

6th Grade:

Kaydence Wroten: 7th Place

7th Grade:

Denae Lyddon: 1st Place

Zane Keeper: 7th Place

Darla Bauer: 8th Place