Art to Remember

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder, I will be mailing the checks in next week for our annual art fundraiser. You may return the order form with your check if you would like for me to mail it or you may order online by using the personal order code on the back of your order form. If you order online please do so next week, that way you will receive the items in December with our group order. You may order later online but the items may not arrive with the group order and there may be additional shipping charges.

Also, a few parents asked if they could order from previous years. I called the company and found out that you can do so, if you are interested. The company can make quilt blocks and a couple parents wanted to order them so they can make quilts with their children’s artwork from the last few years.

The company will also accept additional artwork that your child creates at home if you scan and email it to them. Then you can have it put on any of the items included in the order form and the proceeds will go to The Summit’s Art Department.

If you have trouble locating past artwork or have any questions about scanning new artwork you can call Art to Remember. 800-895-8777.

Art students, Beginners though High School, have been working on our annual art fundraising activity called ART TO REMEMBER. Students created original artwork that was sent to a company so their images could be printed on a variety of objects. Parents have the opportunity to purchase their children’s artwork on items such as mugs, cell phone cases, tote bags, greeting cards, etc. The proceeds will go towards art supplies for this school year.
The personalized order forms were sent home last week and should be sent back to school by Monday, October 28. You may also order online at using your personalized online order code on your order form. The items will be delivered to The Summit in about a month and will be given to the students to take home.

Art to Remember is an annual favorite of students as well as parents. It is empowering for the students to see their own artwork printed professionally on objects. Parents are able to purchase these items for themselves or give these items as presents to grandparents and relatives. These are truly special gifts that provide an opportunity to show off each child’s artistic and creative talents. My own children participated in a fundraiser like this when they were in school and I cherish those special keepsakes. As my mother always said “We are making memories!”

Thank you for supporting ART at The Summit!!!

Lisa Murphy