Art Exhibit/Conferences

Dear Parents,

Please feel free to stop by the art room for a visit during parent teacher conferences. I truly enjoy working with all of your children and I would love to share with you some of their latest creations. Don’t forget to look for your child’s artwork in The Summit Art Exhibit in the first floor hallway, Beginners through High School. It starts in the art room and goes all the way down the hall to the music room.

At The Summit, ART is an integral part of a child’s educational experience. I have developed a curriculum that integrates the expressive arts: painting, drawing, and sculpture, and drama with a STEAM/STEM approach. This includes the integration of math, history, language arts, science, engineering and technology in art lessons throughout the year. An Integrated Art curriculum helps students make the necessary connections for a well rounded educational experience at all grade levels. This integrated STEAM/STEM approach enables children to develop confidence in critical thinking and communication skills, while learning to use innovation and creativity. My goal is to integrate art so your child can build their self-confidence and achieve higher learning skills that can be used for years to come throughout their educational journey. Hope to see you soon!

Thank you,
Lisa Murphy


Beginners and Pre-K have been working with geometric shapes (circles, squares, triangles) and with warm colors for fall (red,yellow,orange). They have been learning to use scissors, crayons, markers, and watercolors to create their art projects.They loved creating ribbon dancer spirals with fall leaves and using them when dancing to fall songs.

Kindergarten created family portraits after viewing the art of Norman Rockwell. Then they created some very impressive paintings of flowers in vases after studying Vincent van Gogh. The class used warm colors of tempera paint to create the objects and cool colors to paint the backgrounds.

1st Grade art students created pet portraits as a collage project. Then we started studying animal adaptations.They especially enjoyed learning about how clever crows and ravens can be by watching videos of how these birds use tools. For a fall project they created monochromatic paintings with a full moon and added silhouettes of bats in various sizes.

2nd grade art students used textures to print leaves and added fall colors with chalk pastels which are on display outside the art room. Then they created space craft patterned after animals. The students had the opportunity to send their final drawings to NASA for the annual art calendar contest. This class also really enjoyed learning how to use their computers to create technology art for the math art contest.

3rd grade art students studied birds of Missouri and their habitats. They enjoyed listening to the bird calls while drawing their favorite birds in their sketchbooks. They loved creating 3-D sculptures of birds, including nests, eggs, and even baby birds. This class also had an opportunity to participate in the NASA art calendar contest.

4th grade has been studying ocean ecology and the importance of recycling. They have used a variety of recycled plastic objects in their art projects to create their sea creatures. They used acrylic paint to blend cool colors and used monochromatic blends to simulate light shining through the ocean. They added silhouettes of sea creatures for an underwater view of a coral reef.

5th grade has been working on cartoon comic strips and creating their own original 3-D cartoon characters. We viewed old video clips to understand the history of animation and discussed flip books, as well as computer generated animation. We viewed the art of a local Missouri artist, Kent Melton. His sculptures have been used by Disney and Pixar to create many animated movies over the last few decades.

6th grade just finishing working on their large Pop art sculpture projects inspired by Oldenburg. After studying the art of Andy Warhol and Peter Max they are creating 2-D Pop art projects with mixed media techniques. Some students are using their computers to create technology art using patriotic symbols of eagles and the Statue of Liberty.

7th grade finished relief printing techniques followed by scratch art etchings and charcoal drawings. Currently they are working on their giant insect sculptures.

8th grade and High School students have been working on improving their drawing skills by using pencil to complete black and white photographs. This study of photo-realism helps each student build confidence in their drawing abilities. Their drawings will be on display for parent teacher conferences.

Middle school and High School art students are currently working on 3-D insects. After studying the Pop art style of Claes Oldenburg, they drew sketches and then enlarged their ideas. They are using a variety of materials including styrofoam and wire for their sculptures. We are hoping to display some of these outdoors in the springtime in the backyard garden