Art Creations: B-12 grade

BEGINNERS and PRE-K have been learning about snowflakes and creating radial symmetry. They loved watching the Broadway version of Let it Go, from the musical Frozen. Then they added blue glitter paint for ice crystals to decorate their giant snowflakes. They are currently working on painting snow on their snow people.

KINDERGARTEN learned how to cut out snowflakes to make their own stencils. They enjoyed using a stencil brush to fill in the negative spaces. They even used colored tissue paper to create some cool colored designs. Then the class did a group project to make a giant snowflake that will be displayed in the art room.

1st GRADE students created large paintings of Dream Catchers to correlate with their unit of study about Native Americans. Now they are working on Inuit mask designs, using hoops and appendages.

2nd GRADE students used their fine motor skills to create circular weaving patterns with yarn. Currently they are using all of the colors in the rainbow to a paint coral reef habitat for their sea creatures.

3rd GRADE students created dinosaur silhouettes to glue on top of their tissue paper collages. Currently they are working on framing them with dinosaur tracks. When they are finished they will be displayed at the Missouri Institute Natural Science.

4th GRADE started collaborating on a language arts group project. They will use alliteration to write about animals and then create illustrations for an original book. This group project will be entered in the LAD Fair Competition in the spring.

5th GRADE just finished their clay cartoon characters. Some students created flip book animation, while others filmed stop motion animation videos. Now they are learning about the Sumi-e brush painting style of Asian brush painting. They will be painting bamboo and landscapes. Each student will learn to write their name in Chinese calligraphy using the Sumi-e brush strokes.

6th GRADE students studied the Japanese art of Notans and learned how to use positive negative shapes for collages. They will be able to use these for the Math Art contest in the spring.

7th GRADE students have been learning about Graphic Design. They are creating Logos, Illustrated Words and Visual Word Pictures.

8th GRADE/HS students created Op Art paintings, using geometric shapes, which can be used for the Math Art contest in the spring. Currently they are working on expressionistic style seascapes or landscapes using oil pastels.