Reflections on Teaching at The Summit

Dear Parents,

Each year as our school hosts the State of The Summit, I reflect on my involvement in your child’s educational experiences and the importance of the Arts. I might not have time to speak to each of you individually, so I thought I would express my thoughts and gratitude in this letter.

First of all, I truly LOVE teaching! I especially love teaching all subjects through the ARTS. That is why I have develop an integrated art approach to reinforce the STEM/STEAM movement and to establish the importance of the design process in education. Neuroscience research supports the relevance of art instruction and reveals it to be a necessary component of each child’s education. It illustrates the impact that arts education has on each student’s cognitive, social and emotional development. My hope is to continue to implement an evolving integrated art approach as a vital component of your child’s educational experience at The Summit.

I’m most at home when I am in the classroom and when the kids are engaged in learning. It is a magical moment when you see that spark of creativity in a child’s mind. It is a privilege few people ever have the chance to experience. I do know how fortune I am because by having this opportunity, I get to share those special moments of educational enlightenment with them. That is what inspires me, they inspire me!!!

It is truly amazing to watch them engage in learning and see their educational experiences become a reality. You can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voices, and feel it in their hearts! That is why I will always be a lifelong learner as I continue teaching the next generation.

I would like to express my appreciation and to thank you for affording me this opportunity. I love teaching at The Summit and inspiring children to use their creativity and imagination through the Arts. Thank you for sharing your children with me. As I continue teaching your children to become lifelong learners, I am confident that they in turn will continue to amaze and inspire me!

Lisa Murphy