Summit Artists Celebrate Culture Day

Amate Bark Paintings

As part of the art curriculum, students study the history of art in various cultures. In this assignment, the 6th grade students were asked to use a variety of media to create their own renditions of  Amate bark paintings of Mexico. The students were very creative with their use of materials.  Some used paper bags and paint, while others made use of technology.  Art integration is at the heart of The Summit’s art program. Through this process students gain an appreciation of art from various world cultures.


Paintings by  Emily and Sydney  (6th grade)

Art History:  Amate bark painting is a style of art created in Mexico that used paper made from the bark of trees. This type of paper dates back to early Mayan times.  The paper was made from the pulp of the fig and mulberry trees.  To this day,  artists continue to honor this ancient tradition of creating  paintings on  paper made from bark.