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           2019 Math Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following Summit art students for placing in the southwest regional math art competition.

Geometric Designs:


Alia Schippert – 1st Place

1st Grade: 

 Vivien Black – 5th Place

3rd Grade: 

Avery Reed – 1st Place

Brooklyn Landrum – 2nd Place

Alyssa Newman – 6th Place

Lucas Reed – 10th Place

4th Grade:

Anna Schippert – 2nd Place

Ryleigh Renner – 3rd Place

Greta Ebbrecht- 10th place

6th Grade:

Hannah Lee – 5th Place

7th Grade:

Chloe Stenger: 6th Place

Technology/Computer Generated Art:

3rd Grade:

Madilyn Brown: 2nd Grade

Whit Gelner: 6th Place



Ember Murray: 1st Place

Brylee Stranckmeyer: 5th Place

Irelyn Arft: 10th Place

1st Grade:

Deacon Arthur: 10th Place

2nd Grade:

Jasper Kimmons: 2nd Place

Savannah Coring: 5th Place

Amelie Altrup: 6th Place

6th Grade:

Kaydence Wroten: 7th Place

7th Grade:

Denae Lyddon: 1st Place

Zane Keeper: 7th Place

Darla Bauer: 8th Place

2015 Spring Art Exhibit

2015 Spring Art Exhibit at the Summit:
On Display on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floor for Grandparents’s Day

Beg, Pre-K, and Kindergarten Art Projects:

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh:
In art, we discussed how his paintings had a lot of movement and rhythm in them. We also discussed how the stars glow at night and the wind blows. They viewed a slide show of Van Gogh’s artwork and listened to the song Starry Starry Night. In their artwork they used repetition of lines, shapes, and colors to create patterns, movement and rhythm.

City Streets:
The students studied Piet Mondrian’s artwork and talked about how his repetition of geometric shapes and primary colors created patterns like those of city streets and buildings. He created patterns and rhythm in his painting Broadway Boogie Woogie, which led us to a discussion of music styles and they listened to some from that era. Then they used collage techniques to create their own version of city streets.

Butterflies and Insects:
Flowers, textures, and paint for a variety of mixed media designs on insects and butterflies for our celebration of spring.

Frog Environments:
We read In the Small, Small Pond and created mixed media finger paintings (mixing blue and yellow to create grass) then added collage techniques to create the environment for our little frogs.

Beg. – 5th Grade:
Art Sketchbooks (notebooks and folders):
A collection of their drawings, collages, self-portraits, animals, family, animals, seasons, etc. created throughout the year. These show a visual improvement in drawing and fine motor skills that correlates to their progress and advancement in their cognitive developmental stages.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade:
Panda Environments:
I brought in large stalks of real bamboo and we discussed the color and texture of the stalks and leaves. We read some books about pandas and discussed interesting facts about how they spend most of their days eating bamboo. Then we created a wax resist technique with crayon and watercolor. This was used to create a mixed media environment for their panda art project.

1st and 2nd Grade:
Animals and Environments:
Using a variety of mixed media techniques including wax resist, fingerprint, watercolor, etc.

2nd and 3rd Grade:
Space: The Final Frontier:
Chalk Pastel drawings to create planets on a splatter painted background.

4th and 5th Grade:
Mola Designs- after studying the appliqué techniques from the art of Panama students created their own original drawings using collage and mixed media techniques.

5th Grade:
Mondrian Paintings and Paper Weavings

6th and 7th Grade:
Amate Bark Paintings:
After studying the folk art of Mexico students created their own versions of Amate bark paintings on paper and used texture plates to create a simulated texture in the background.