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2015 Spring Art Exhibit

2015 Spring Art Exhibit at the Summit:
On Display on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floor for Grandparents’s Day

Beg, Pre-K, and Kindergarten Art Projects:

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh:
In art, we discussed how his paintings had a lot of movement and rhythm in them. We also discussed how the stars glow at night and the wind blows. They viewed a slide show of Van Gogh’s artwork and listened to the song Starry Starry Night. In their artwork they used repetition of lines, shapes, and colors to create patterns, movement and rhythm.

City Streets:
The students studied Piet Mondrian’s artwork and talked about how his repetition of geometric shapes and primary colors created patterns like those of city streets and buildings. He created patterns and rhythm in his painting Broadway Boogie Woogie, which led us to a discussion of music styles and they listened to some from that era. Then they used collage techniques to create their own version of city streets.

Butterflies and Insects:
Flowers, textures, and paint for a variety of mixed media designs on insects and butterflies for our celebration of spring.

Frog Environments:
We read In the Small, Small Pond and created mixed media finger paintings (mixing blue and yellow to create grass) then added collage techniques to create the environment for our little frogs.

Beg. – 5th Grade:
Art Sketchbooks (notebooks and folders):
A collection of their drawings, collages, self-portraits, animals, family, animals, seasons, etc. created throughout the year. These show a visual improvement in drawing and fine motor skills that correlates to their progress and advancement in their cognitive developmental stages.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade:
Panda Environments:
I brought in large stalks of real bamboo and we discussed the color and texture of the stalks and leaves. We read some books about pandas and discussed interesting facts about how they spend most of their days eating bamboo. Then we created a wax resist technique with crayon and watercolor. This was used to create a mixed media environment for their panda art project.

1st and 2nd Grade:
Animals and Environments:
Using a variety of mixed media techniques including wax resist, fingerprint, watercolor, etc.

2nd and 3rd Grade:
Space: The Final Frontier:
Chalk Pastel drawings to create planets on a splatter painted background.

4th and 5th Grade:
Mola Designs- after studying the appliqué techniques from the art of Panama students created their own original drawings using collage and mixed media techniques.

5th Grade:
Mondrian Paintings and Paper Weavings

6th and 7th Grade:
Amate Bark Paintings:
After studying the folk art of Mexico students created their own versions of Amate bark paintings on paper and used texture plates to create a simulated texture in the background.

Artists on Display

Summit Artists: Now on Display
Location: 3rd Floor Multipurpose Room

If you are planning on attending the State of the Summit Meeting on Tuesday, January 27 you will be in for a visual treat! You will have the opportunity to see artwork from all of the Summit artists, Beginners through 7th Grade.
Please take time to view the creative talents of our Summit art students. You will be able to see the world through their eyes as you view the artwork from students as young as three years old on up through middle school.

Beginners and Pre-K artists:
Created Snowmen
After reading The Snow Day by Ezra Jack Keats, they cut out shapes and glued on features for details and then added white paint for snow. They practiced counting by tens as they added snowflakes. They are hoping for enough snow to make a real snowman this year, just not a blizzard!

Kindergarten-3rd grade artists:
Created Teddy Bears on Parade
They had their own original build a bear art project with mixed media paper and collage techniques they had an opportunity to create costumes and transportation. There are a variety of vehicles and floats for the Summit Teddy Bear Parade. It wraps around the entire room and highlights their very creative imaginations: from Scuba diving bears to hang gliding bears, King and Queen bears to a bride and groom, there is even a party limo and the bear police.

4th grade artists: Radial Stained Glass Designs
They used patterns to create radial designs on a special type of paper that creates a stained glass effect. These will be on display in the windows but to get the full effect you have to see them in the daylight with the sunlight shinning through them. They are truly spectacular!

5th grade artists: Egyptian Art Projects
They have a metal tooling display from their Ancient Egyptian art history unit, including hieroglyphics.

6th-7th grade artists: Wildlife Etchings
They created etching type designs with lines and shapes to create patterns for an interesting and creative assortment of detailed wildlife drawings.

We hope you enjoy the show and we hope to see you there!

Art Review

Before winter break the Beginners, Pre-K and Kindergarten art students were busy creating artwork with various themes, such as treasure maps and gameboards. 1st-3rd graders were studying animals in art with mixed media projects and used their imagination along with their drawing and painting skills to create birds, cats, and dogs. 4th and 5th grade artists learned how to use watercolors and Sumi brushes to create Asian art. They also added Chinese calligraphy with brush strokes or ink stamps to their artwork, which gave it an authentic finishing touch. They also learned to mix and blend chalk pastels for a variety of drawings. 5th grade artists studied Ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphic. They used information from this art history unit to create original metal tooling designs inspired by historical images. 6th and 7th grade artists created metal tooling designs using texture and pattern and then they had the opportunity to experiment with markers and pointillism to develop interesting designs and color combinations on original artwork.

Happy New Year

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I just wanted to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome at the Summit this first semester. I truly feel honored to have the privilege to work with such an amazing group of students in such a unique setting.

I am sending home the original artwork that your students created earlier this year for our Art to Remember Fundraiser. I am sure everyone wants to save the originals for a keepsake. If you would still like to place an order you may do so online by January 16 on the website:

I would like to wish all of you a very wonderful new year!

Thank you,
Lisa Murphy

Art History Lesson


Over the years I’ve learned to seize the moment by taking advantage of student enthusiasm to create memorable educational events. Last Friday, Literary Character dress up day, presented an interesting opportunity to teach the Summit art students about Ancient Egyptian art and heiroyphics.  I dressed up as Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, and showed them a few books with pictures and information on Egyptian artifacts. We discussed how we learn about other cultures from studying their art and architecture and how discoveries can be key to unlocking some of the mysteries about past civilizations. Just as the discovery of the Rosetta Stone was instrumental in unlocking the code to translating the picture symbols on ancient Egyptian artifacts.The students were given handouts with hieroglyphics so they could write their names. I brought some pieces of papyrus for each them to see and they were given the opportunity to touch them so they could feel the texture. This lead to a discussion of how we create paper and why we should plant trees and recycle. They enjoyed drawing pictures of themselves in their costumes and thinking about the time period, environment, and setting that would accompany each of their characters.

The Summit Art Classes: October 2014

I am so thrilled to be a part of this unique and creative school, the art students are truly amazing! They have been extremely busy and engaged in all of their projects this year.  As a new teacher to the Summit, I started off by getting to know all of the younger students in the lower grades. They worked on drawings, collages, and paintings related to themes in literature while using environmental science and mathematical concepts.  The upper students really enjoyed learning about Op art, which has been on display on the first floor of the building by the front desk. They have been very successful using watercolors to create sunset silhouettes and drawing tools to create photorealism.  Soon they will be displaying their half photo completions which are very impressive too.

The Art to Remember fundraiser was extremely successful and we exceeded the previous year’s total. I would like to thank all of the parents and teachers for supporting this project. The students really took pride in their artwork and were very creative and imaginative with their unique original creations.  If parents would like to place a late order they may still do so online by Jan. 16, 2015. The late orders will be received in late January or early February.

Recently I accompanied the 4th and 5th grade on a field trip to Crystal Bridges Art Museum. It was so exciting to go with my art students and be able to view works by Picasso., O’Keeffe,  and Thomas Hart Benton, just to name a few. The students were so attentive and appreciated not only the artwork but the architectural structures as well. I would like to thank Mrs. Anderson for organizing this educational trip and allowing me to participate. We are starting follow up lessons back in the art classroom to reinforce and expand this aesthetic experience.

Most recently the art students have been using their artistic talents to create art auction projects for the Annual Summit Gala. I used their ideas and interests as a springboard to come up with some unique and imaginative group projects.  We are looking forward to the unveiling on November 8th. Here is a little preview of what to expect.

Beginners and Pre-Kindergarten:  Hearts of Love

Students mixed primary colors of paint to create secondary colors. Hearts were cut out of their paintings and each of their quotes about love printed on their heart.  This project was completed with the assistance from the upper level students and a parent volunteer.  I would like to thank the 6th and 7th grade students and Shalizeh Naraghi for assisting our youngest students with this project. She interviewed each child and recorded their original quote about what love means to them.  Their ideas are just precious and you will really enjoy reading each and every one of them.

Kindergarten-3rd grade:  Rainbow Fish 

Students in these classes colored pop tabs and glued them on to a canvas to create the ever popular Rainbow Fish from the children’s book by Marcus Pfister.  Real sea shells were used for the border and again some of the older students assisted with some of the finishing touches. We will be auctioning it off with a copy of the book at the Gala.

4th Grade:  Under the Sea 3-D

The 4th grade class wanted to create the Lost City of Atlantis but settled for a castle under the sea. They divided into groups to create all of the parts and pieces for this project.  For most of them it was a new experience working on a mixed media sculpture using plaster gauze, glitter glue, and acrylic paint and real sea shells. It is truly a spectacular site to behold!

5th Grade: Under the Sea 2-D

These students used colored chalk and learned to blend colors to create fish and then sponge painted sea weed for the background. They collaged it all together on the painted background for an underwater fantasy. When we put it under the glass in the large picture frame some of the students said it appeared as if though they were looking into an aquarium.

6th and 7th Grade:  Birdbath Mosaic

These students used pieces of old CDs and DVDs to create a mosaic inside a birdbath and then used grout and paint to complete the process. It was the first time many had created a mosaic and they not only learned the steps in the process but also how to use critical thinking and problem solving skills on a large group project.

6th and 7th Grade: String Art Spectrum

After learning how to draw parabolic curves and create 2-D and 3-D Op Art projects these students took it to the next level and were inspired to create a large scale art project using string art. They decided to arrange the colors in the order that they appear in the spectrum. This was a wonderful group project because each individual student worked on numerous pieces and then they combined the small triangles to create one large triangular shaped piece of art.

I can’t wait for you to see all of the art projects from Beginners-7th grade at the Gala. I know they are proud of their unique creations.  I appreciate having the opportunity to work with these amazing young artists!

Thank you,

Lisa Murphy