Curriculum Overview

The Summit Preparatory School art program introduces students to a variety of art techniques and media as they learn about art from various cultures and time periods throughout the world .  While studying art history the students learn to recognize works by individual artists and more importantly various styles of art. Learning about these stylized characteristics provides a visual foundation for the art students to create 2-D and 3-D designs. Each individual student is inspired and encouraged to create their own original designs and to produce unique artwork. The art concepts taught to The Summit art students increase in complexity as the students progress from one grade level to the next. This enables them to build on prior knowledge and skills as they learn to appreciate and express themselves through visual art.

Students are encouraged to express themselves through their art and through open-ended activities. By employing originality and freedom of choice, they develop the ability to create art that reflects their own personality and preferences as well as techniques. While the majority of the art created in class is done individually, there are times when students work in whole group, small groups or partners on projects. This enables them to develop the skills necessary to make critical choices and work with others to solve problems through the creative process.

The Elements of Art are the foundation of the art curriculum. These are the building blocks used to describe visual designs and create artwork.  Students will learn about the Elements of Art (line, shape, color, texture, space, value and form)  using varying degrees of application by grade level. Students will also learn how to use the  Principles of Art (balance, movement, rhythm, contrast, unity, variety, pattern, and emphasis) which will provide a sense of visual order. They will be able to use this basic art terminology as they study and create 2-D and  3-D artistic designs.

The Elements and Principles of Art will be utilized by students in various combinations throughout the art curriculum,  progressing through grade levels to achieve a higher degree of sophistication in design.  Through this method,  The Summit art students will learn to study and create aesthetically pleasing designs. It will also give them the foundation for formulating a knowledge of art appreciation that will enrich their lives throughout their lifetime.

At The Summit, students also learn how art is related to each of the core subjects they are studying in their regular classrooms: math, literature, science and history. This Integrated Art approach introduces students to art from different countries and continents and gives them a global perspective. It emphasizes the important role art plays in various cultures around the world, currently and throughout history.  Art is integrated with the curriculum of each grade level allowing students to make associations and connections between the art classroom and their main classroom studies. The correlation of the curriculum allows students the opportunity to apply their creative ideas by using critical thinking and problem solving.  This leads to a deeper understanding of all subjects in their educational process.





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