Creative 1st week!

It has been great to be back with all of your kids and to meet all of the new students. Since 3rd and 4/5th have art on Mondays I haven’t seen them yet.

We started off in Beginners talking about color. What their favorite ones are and which are their second favorites. They did a sample page of coloring so that at the end of the year we can see how much their fine motor skills have progressed. The second day we read a book about underwater fantasy lands and they all created pictures of the sea from their imaginations.

In Pre-K and K we did a similar worksheet to set a bar in watching our skills. We also read this amazing book Flotsam by David Wiesner. He has dreamt up an underwater world that spins everyone’s creative wheels. After reading it they did crayon drawings of underwater worlds and we will watercolor them next week.

The 1st and 2nd graders had Art once this week. We did a quick worksheet on color and shapes and then they did free drawing of memories from this summer. Next week we will dive into the underwater world as well.



Tomorrow is a big day

Tomorrow is nearly here! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Summer. We will jump right into art this week. After a quick assignment of color these first few days we will be studying birds and their place in our community through Audubon’s drawings and paintings. The Lower School will be working on a joint project called “Birds of a Feather”. We will be using many different techniques including color, line, and collage. These will be displayed together to create our “Summit Flock”. The lesson will also introduce a Sense of Place based in our school.


Welcome back!

Above is a link to the Audubon Website.



School starts in less than a week!

I am so excited for school to begin. The artroom has moved to the 3rd floor and is ready for students! We will jump right in with lessons dealing with color, sense of place, and history.

This year we will be using many found and recycled or reused materials. If you would save your paper towel and toliet paper core rolls for us as well as plastic bags (dry cleaning bags, grocery bags, bubble wrap, etc) – they will be incorporated into some lesson plans.

If you ever have any questions please email me. I look forward to this year!

Art Links

I hope this finds you cooler and having a great summer break. I have added a few links for great sites that kids can experience art on, as well as the Crystal Bridges homepage link. I have not had a chance to go there, but have been told by many that the drive is more than worth it. Maybe you can take your child on a short road trip to see some amazing artwork to inspire them for this next year!


I imagine you are just as hot as we are these days. Even with the rain last night it is a constant looking to the future for the next drop.
As sad as it is these draught like conditions offer us an opportunity to incorporate art into our daily lives. Here are some examples…

Using a camera document the changes in the landscape around you. If there isn’t a camera available have your child draw a picture and then a week later draw another.

Using light reactive paper make a collage of items they use on a daily basis.

Water colors would be very ironic at this stage of rainfall. Have your child do a watercolor of what they normal see on the 4th of July compared to what there is this year.

Whatever you do make sure your child is using their creativity this summer. You can email me if you need any other ideas or have any of your own. I can’t wait to see them all when school starts.

End Of School

We have really enjoyed teaching the kids this school year. They have all been so much fun to watch and see how their creative minds work.

If you are looking for things to do his summer with them some ideas would be-
-make a journal/ sketchbook and keep a record of your summer activities. There are lots of online resources for simple bookmaking from binding with staples to more elaborate sewing techniques.
-do a photo collage of things done this summer. You can choose a theme and go from there or just go with the flow.
-have them do a drawing or painting of what they would like to do this summer. Then at the end of the summer you can have them do one of what they have done and compare what their expectations were and what the experience was really like.
-go to the botanical gardens and draw the flowers or foliage. They are all great at drawing what they see.

Anything will be great. Math and reading are super important, but you have to throw in a little creative every once in a while.

Have a great summer and we will see you next year.

The Summit Prep: Inspiring the Joy of Learning